eCliq Fire Department Lockbox Program

With any fire department lockbox program the most concerning issue is lost or misplaced keys. With most conventional mechanical key lockbox systems when a key goes missing the only solution is a complete rekey of all boxes which is an logistical nightmare not to mention extremely costly.  Lost keys can easily find their way in to unauthorised hands. The eCLIQ locking system overcomes the challenge of constantly changing access rights.  For maximum flexibility and convenience combined with the highest security, eCLIQ is the logical solution.  

The administrator can manage the system via the CLIQ® Web Manager, anytime, anywhere - the only requirement is internet access like from a mobile phone or a computer.  When a box is inspected and if the premise  keys are not in the box, a simple onsite audit of the box will determine the last person that accessed the box and the appropriate measures can be implemented.

The box itself is one of the best in the market making it difficult to open with physical attacks. 

CLIQ® is a security locking system that combines microelectronics, programmable keys and cylinders. The system offers a variety of combinations of mechanical and electronic options to match different security and flexible access needs. Available on the global marketplace it provides flexible access and key management solutions for all kinds of locking applications. A wire free system, each key can be programmed and updated individually to allow access of specific areas at specific times and dates, accommodating constantly changing access requirements and ensuring maximum flexibility. The power is provided by a battery inside the programmable CLIQ® key. The intuitive software makes it simple to manage access rights, enable and disable keys and customise access schedules, on site or on the go. ASSA ABLOY can also host your data securely for complete peace of mind.

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