Camden Electric Strikes


Camden Grade 1 'All In One' fire rated strike, 12/24V AC/DC, for mortise and cylindrical locksets
CAD$ 103.09 CAD$ 103.09 103.09 CAD
Camden CX-ED1579L Grade 1 electric strike for mortise and cylindrical locksets offers the very best strike quality and features, with the added value of built-in latch monitoring, five stainless steel faceplates and 'Universal' performance, including field selectable voltage and fail safe/fail secure operation.


Face Plate 7 15/16 X 1 7/16 Rounded Corners
CAD$ 22.09 CAD$ 22.09 22.09 CAD


Camden Universal'' Grade 1 ANSI Fire Electric Strike
CAD$ 365.49 CAD$ 365.49 365.49 CAD


Camden CX-ED1079L Series 'Universal' Gr. 1 Electric Strike w/ Latch Monitoring
CAD$ 221.91 CAD$ 221.91 221.91 CAD
The CX-ED1079 (low profile, for 5/8" latch projection) and CX-ED1079D (standard depth, for 3/4" latch projection) 'Universal' grade 1 ANSI strikes offer 'Universal' performance with selectable 12/24V AC/DC and fail safe/fail secure operation, and have horizontal faceplate/body adjustment.



Camden Electric Strike Body Only, Order Face Plate Separately
CAD$ 156.64 CAD$ 156.64 156.64000000000001 CAD