Alarm Lock Air Access Advanced 

Cellular Access Systems

Flexible, Wireless Access Control System Topography.Easy Scalable Solution. Cellular Based for Speed

Quickly configure and deploy the scalable wireless system you nee with easy cell communicator, and and gateway to wireless lock(s) or panel w/ wiegand readers  at the center.  Ultra Easy  plug and play system auto learns devices. Little Training- No Tech Specialist required.

Simply Use the #1 Top-Selling Wireless Locks & Cellular Communications for More Valuable Services

Air Access uses popular, proven Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx or Architech Designer Wireless Locks & Gateways, or the NetPanel w/ Standard Prox ID Readers. Communications are super simple, via StarLink Cellular Communicators- the class leaders in security communications. Use Air Access with existing IDs &/or the Built-in Credential in the Air Access App.

AirAccess Cellular makes direct connections for you - Instead of relying on customer’s busy IT Dept

Easy hosted solution for lowest TCO: Just add wireless doors, communicate over cyber protected multimillion dollar cell neworks, give customers 24/7 peace of mind and cloud-based control wherever they are.

Right-Sized for Small & Medium Sized Businesses- The largest segment of Today’s Commercial Market

Designed with the features they want most: Ideal for Professional offices, single– and multi-tenant applications, quick-turn restaurants, daycare centers, retail, shops and more.

Also Simply Scalable - Just add Doors & Radios to Support Unlimited Users 

Easy App Gives You & Your Accounts the 24/7 Control You Both Want

 Easy App w/ Built-in Credential and control of doors, users and lockdown/threat status + Text Notifications. Integrators use same App and ‘Shake-Swap’ function to change between all your cloud-hosted accounts for providing top customer service and easy remote servicing.

Access Control System & Emergency Monitoring Services

Provide Accounts with Real-Time Monitoring Services and SMS Alerts- Real-time access system status, i.e., forced door, multiple invalid ID attempts ,etc, PLUS system monitoring, including emergency alarm response services through any central station.

AirAccess for Business & Retail

“With AirAccess, I always know my business and employees are safe and secure. And, I love that I can manage it from anywhere.”


AirAccess for Doctors Offices

“My Office is like a second home, and my staff & clients are like family, it’s great to know with AirAccess we’re all safe & secure.” 


AirAccess for Restaurants, Bars & Coffee Houses

“My Office is like a second home, and my staff & clients are like family, it’s great to know with AirAccess we’re all safe & secure.”