Brawn BS-670 - 2 Hour Fire-Resistant Safes

CAD$ 799.99 799.99 CAD CAD$ 799.99

CAD$ 799.99

  • Dial or Electronic Keypad
    • Mechanical Dial
    • Digital Electronic Keypad

This combination does not exist.

Fantastic 2 hour fire protection for your home or business. This safe can be operated with just a combination dial or just a key if the combination is set. Turning the dial locks down the safe until the combination is entered again.

Outside: H 24", W 19.7", D 18.5"

Inside:  H 18.5", W 14.2", D 12.2"

Weight: 220 Lbs.

Drawer/Shelf: 1/1


Dial or Electronic Keypad Mechanical Dial or Digital Electronic Keypad