Brawn B-1500 In-Floor Safe

CAD$ 799.99 799.99 CAD CAD$ 799.99

CAD$ 799.99

  • Dial or Digital Keypad
    • S&G Combination Lock
    • SecuRam Digital Lock

This combination does not exist.

Adaptable to a variety of spaces, in-floor safes by Brawn Security Products offer well-hidden storage for valuables including cash, jewelry, sensitive documents and more. Ideal for homes and businesses, our floor safes feature UL listed combination locks, steel plate doors, and are perfect for small spaces including ticket booths, convenience stores and home offices.

  • Outside: H 12.8″, W 14.6″, D 12.7″
  • Inside: H 8″, W 14.2″, D 11.9″
  • Weight: 104 Lbs
  • Door constructed of 1/2″ thick A36 steel plate
  • An additional independent spring-loaded relocking device, activated by a punching attack for models B-1500 and above
  • UL group II 3-wheel combination lock
  • Body “B” rate construction with large storage capacity and flush cover plate for total concealment under a carpet
  • 1/4″ exterior bottom flange


Dial or Digital Keypad S&G Combination Lock or SecuRam Digital Lock